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Take care of:


Always appear without make-up to the shoot  and a clean face.(as long as you weren’t advised otherwise)


Wash your hair the evening before the shoot. Nearly every make-up artist will tell you this, It’s way easier to style, comb and dress hair if the last washing was done more than 12 hours ago. (If your hair gets oily please do wash, we cannot work with oily hair, it weights it down and will not hold a style.) Hair MUST BE DRY.


Hair rolling: You must arrive rolled at your scheduled shoot time. Also roll hair pieces and extensions.

Only roll using a quick-dry hairspray. do not use any oils, heat protectant or lotions. If your hair is oily and unable to be styled, you will not be offered a rescheduled appointment and we will have to shoot as is.


We will use styling irons as we feel appropriate for the style.

It will be necessary for your child to sit still and cooperate during styling and the shoot. if they are unable to do so and the hair requires additional retouching work, it will be billed at an extra cost.

While re realize that we are dealing with children, if your child is uncooperative or combative during styling or on set during the shoot, you will be required as their parent to gain control. if you are unable to do so, your shoot will be stopped without refund.

Finger & Toe Nails: must be clean of any color nail polish. White French tips are the only nails acceptable.

You need: Underwear & Bra's Everyone knows what they are wearing in advance, please do not wear black bra any color that will show, it would be very awkward to see a piece of underwear beneath it that doesn’t match. Strapless bras – all teen and miss models should wear a strapless bra, your pageant sticky bra would be ideal, for most outfits. Shoes in different colors and shapes – we have sent you images of items you will be wearing, please bring a few pairs of shoes and we will decide what looks best.

No food or drinks are allowed in the studio at all. There will be small breaks and opportunities for a quick drink or snack. if your child ruins her makeup while eating or drinking, it will not be re done. Also, refrain from offering your child drinks or snacks that can stain their mouth. Retouching that is at additional cost and may not be possible at all.


We do not recommend spray tanning prior to shoot as it can require additional retouching to even it out and blend it. If you do spray tan and it photographs blotchy, you will recharged additional retouching fees to correct it.

If your child damages studio property, props, jewelry or clothing that they shoot in, you will be responsible for the cost. A photo shoot is an investment in your Childs pageant success, and the preparation you put in ahead of time will reflect the quality of the final product,

See you on set!

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